Challenges to belief

There are events and teachings in the Scriptures that are difficult to understand and accept. The conversion of St. Paul was one such challenge to the early Christians.

Saul, as St. Paul was initially called, was a well-known persecutor of Christians early on. He had Christians imprisoned and was a witness of the martyrdom of Stephen. He was certainly not someone that the Christians trusted.

And yet he underwent a conversion experience that changed his whole outlook and way of life, going from a hated persecutor to an enthusiastic champion and preacher of Christianity.

Saul challenges our belief that people can’t really change and can’t be forgiven for their horrific actions. God sometimes chooses unlikely instruments to spread faith and hope. Perhaps Saul’s conversion is a wake-up call to us to open our eyes to see the Lord’s presence in unlikely, unexpected places, to be open to people changing for the better, and to forgive those who offend us.

“…this man is a chosen instrument of mine to carry my name before Gentiles, kings, and children of Israel, and I will show him what he will have to suffer for my name.” (Acts 9:15-16)

1 thought on “Challenges to belief

  1. It is so true that God can take the most hateful, nasty person and use them for His purpose! Miraculous for sure!

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