Through God’s Eyes

The story of creation in the book of Genesis invites us to see the world through God’s eyes. As we read about the creation of light and darkness, water and land, plants and animals, sun and moon and stars, birds and sea creatures, and finally man and woman, we get a sense of the grandeur and awe of creation and of the great responsibility we have been given to care for this earth.

There are so many ways we can live out our own holiness and goodness, that we are made in God’s image. It’s good for us to take a moment to acknowledge that amazing fact. Does our own goodness really sink in, or do we brush it off with a false sense of humility?

When we have this realization of the beauty, goodness, and holiness of creation, where do we go with it? What effect does it have on us? This realization can lead to many things: gratitude, a desire and commitment to keep this earth beautiful, self-education on ecology and environmental justice, being supportive of the goodness of others, to name a few.

Photography is one way I respond to the beauty of the world around me as a way of appreciating it and as a reminder to others to see what is around them. Contemplation of creation gives us an insight into the heart of God, if our eyes are open to see it.

“God looked at everything he had made, and he found it very good.” (Genesis 1:31)

2 thoughts on “Through God’s Eyes

  1. So much of God’s creation is awe inspiring. In pandemic, God has given us nature where we are free to experience life fully through the senses.

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