Staying local

In these days of Covid-19 we find ourselves challenged in a number of ways, including  in our mobility. With few places to go, we are forced to contemplate the same scene(s) day after day. How do we approach this state of affairs?


Fr. Walter Burghardt, SJ, defined contemplation as a long, loving look at the real. We are perforce getting a long look at the real. Is it a loving look? It can only be loving, if we come at it from a place of gratitude.


Can we look beyond the annoyances that are bound to happen when we are in close quarters with others, when we are confined to a room or a building, or limited in our mobility to a brief walk or trip to the pharmacy or market?


My photographic journeys are currently very local. There is an invitation to notice more, to appreciate more, to take that long, loving look at the real, and to be grateful. What are you being invited to notice and appreciate in your life these days?


“Receive the joy of your glory, giving thanks to God, who has called you into the heavenly kingdom.” (4 Esdras 2:36-37)


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