Spring brings with it the promise of renewal. Not only is the earth breaking forth with life, our spirits get lifted with the onset of spring and the promise of summer’s bounty.


This Lenten season has been unlike any other in my memory. Physical distancing, cessation of usual activities and movement, concern about ourselves and our loved ones getting sick and about what the future will bring–all occupying our attention to a tremendous degree.


How we need the Easter message of resurrection and renewal! Especially in difficult times we need to hear that story of the empty tomb and a rising to a new existence. On my solitary walks with my camera I find that I am seeking out signs of new life pushing out from the ground and breaking forth from the trees, as if to remind myself that, yes, life is irrepressible, regardless of how punishing the winter has been.


It’s not only the new life that is encouraging. Empty seed pods, like the empty tomb, are a sign and promise of resurrection and new life. Jesus shows us the way, which always leads through the cross and always leads to the resurrection. Happy Easter!


“May the light of Christ rising in glory dispel the darkness of our hearts and minds.” (Easter Vigil liturgy, lighting of the Easter candle)



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