Show up!

We’ve been going through a stretch of cold weather lately with temperatures topping out in the teens and wind chill below 0° F.


The temptation, and maybe the sane thing to do, is to stay indoors until conditions improve. I’ve spent a lot of time outdoors in cold weather, so I know how to dress appropriately for the conditions. My need for exercise overcame any inertia I was feeling, as I headed out for a long walk on several consecutive days.


I had my camera with me each time, although I didn’t have a specific plan other than the route I wanted to take. I was open to whatever I came across, and I was pleasantly surprised by the images that presented themselves to me.


I rediscovered that when you are faithful to a practice, good things happen: show up, be present, respond positively.


I’m reminded of the story of the boy Samuel in the Hebrew Scriptures. He was faithful to his Temple practice and was attentive to his dreams. He did not at first understand that it was the Lord who was calling him, but he continued to be present and attentive and responsive, and eventually he understood what was happening.


In my own spiritual practice, being open to the Lord’s presence in the various situations of my life leads to trust, commitment, and gratitude. Show up; be present; respond positively; and prepare to be amazed!


“Samuel grew up, and the Lord was with him, not permitting any word of his to be without effect.” (I Sam 3:19)

3 thoughts on “Show up!

  1. Great work!


    1. Thanks, Susan. I hope you and the family are well.


  2. It’s amazing how some of these photos seem computer generated or painted, as if we don’t know that God is the most beautiful painter and most skilled programmer of them all. Thank you for capturing God’s beauty.


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