Immersion and creation

One of the factors that draws me to photography is the experience of immersing myself in the present moment, which can be a truly spiritual experience, an experience of the loving presence of God, an experience of the oneness of creation.


Photography calls us forth not only to really see what’s in front of us and immerse ourself in that experience, but it also calls forth our creativity as we work with our images to realize our vision. Sometimes we succeed well in this; sometimes not as well as we had hoped, but the exciting thing is the creative process itself–noticing, capturing an image, working with that image to produce something that is uniquely ours.


Pride in creation is something I imagine God felt at the beginning and continues to feel about our universe. Something of the Spirit of God is present in our own creative moments.


It’s challenging to get outside in the depths of winter to take photos. One advantage is that you can find peaceful landscape scenes, since there is not a lot of activity going on. Some of the images above were made on extremely cold days, but I was happy to spend the time outside.

“The heavens declare the glory of God.” Ps 19:1

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