Just have faith

Throughout the gospels we see tremendous acts of faith in the healing power of Jesus. I think, for example, of Jairus, who pleaded with Jesus to cure his daughter, who was near death and in fact had died by the time Jesus reached his house. Jesus raised the daughter back to life. I think also of the woman who had suffered for years from a bleeding disorder and was cure by touching the cloak of Jesus.

In our own time we trust in the power of Christ to transform our lives in many ways. I think, for example, of the work of Catholic education in which I am involved. This work is also an act of faith in Christ’s power. It’s an act of faith that God’s reign of peace and love will be furthered through the education of youth.

It’s also an act of faith in the young people who come to us each day, that they will contribute to the growth of God’s Kingdom on earth and make a positive impact on the world.

Undertaking any type of ministry or any type of good work can be challenging. Jesus says time and time again, “Do not be afraid. Just have faith.” Can we let go of any hesitations, doubts and fears that we might have and trust that the Spirit of Christ working through us and with us will accomplish God’s will and lead us to the fullness of life? That is my prayer for us.

“Daughter, your faith has saved you. Go in peace and be cured of your affliction.” (Mark 5:34)

4 thoughts on “Just have faith

  1. So beautiful and, as always, right on the mark. Thank you.


  2. As always, Fr. Ron, this is another great collection and a testament to your photographic skills. You are attracted to lighthouses. It occurred to me that your calling and the function of lighthouses is similar…helping folks to find their way.


    1. Interesting thought. In a way we are all called to light the way of Christ and first follow it ourselves.


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