Freedom of Jesus

Jesus used his freedom to do what was best for others, and Jesus actually brings a greater freedom into our life by showing us the best way to live. Some might ask how aligning our life with God’s Spirit could make us more free. Isn’t that being restrictive? How can restrictions be freeing? And that’s a reasonable question to ask. 

First of all, freer does not mean easier. What makes us free is what leads us to a more authentic, loving, God-like life, and sometimes the drive to be truly free and to live a truly good life involves struggle. We make sacrifices for what we value. We sacrifice time and energy and resources for our families and friends, our students, those we minister to. 

The hope and belief of our Christian faith is the God leads us to the good and to freedom. How do we know which way God is leading us? How do we discern the Spirit’s direction in our life?

First we look to Jesus, who is the face of God and who tells us and shows us how to live in God’s Spirit. We also come to know God’s will through our prayer and reflection on how the Spirit of God is always with us. And we come to know God by being grateful for the gift of life and living in the awareness that we are blessed by God every moment of our life.

“Creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God.” (Romans 8:21)

The images in this post are from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

1 thought on “Freedom of Jesus

  1. Fr. Ron,
    The painting of what might be a “bag lady” appreciating the natural beauty reminds me of a photo I saw in the New York Times of an old woman feeding birds in a park, or what remained of the park, in the Ukraine. That photo and the painting resonate with me. They represent finding beauty in the face of adversity and of the soothing balm that nature affords to all of us.

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