Open eyes

Advent is a time for us to remember the coming of the Lord into our world, a time of opening our eyes once again to the presence of the Lord in our life. We are reminded of this presence in our liturgical readings, which focus on the promise of a savior who will lead us away from sin and unfreedom and into a life of faith, peace, and justice.

We open our eyes to God’s presence in reflecting on our blessings and in our personal prayer. We open our eyes when we appreciate the beauty of creation, when we witness the faith of others, and when we feel moved to reach out to those in need because they too are children of God and brothers and sisters with us.

As we approach the celebration of the Lord’s birth on Christmas, we pray after Isaiah that the Lord’s Spirit of wisdom and understanding, of counsel and strength, grow in us, and that we may be filled with the knowledge of the Lord.

I pray that the remainder of this Advent season and the coming Christmas season be blessed for you and for all who are dear to you.

“There shall be no harm or ruin on my holy mountain; for the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the Lord, as water covers the sea.” (Isaiah 11:9)

4 thoughts on “Open eyes

  1. So beautiful dear Father! we wish you a very happy Christmas and a new year filled with God‘s blessings and love.
    Pat and Manfred

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    1. Thanks, Pat & Manfred. I enjoy the postings from your various travels. Best wishes for 2023!


  2. Happy Advent and Merry Christmas, Father. I hope the coming year is filled with many good and holy things for you!

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    1. Thanks, Rita. I wish the same for you.

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