True wisdom

What does St. Paul mean when he says, “If anyone among you considers himself wise in this age, let him become a fool, so as to become wise. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s eyes”?

When we look around the world today, we can see a lot of foolishness in the things people say, do, and believe. How can we judge right from wrong, when for so many people the truth is whatever they choose to believe or not believe? How can we judge the right thing to do, when so many do what they feel best for themselves, regardless of the consequences for others? So much foolishness, and short-sightedness, and lack of true wisdom.

The wisdom Paul preaches is the wisdom of following Jesus. Jesus gives us an anchor point for our own moral center, our beliefs, and our actions. Trusting in the Lord’s presence in our life is a wise decision. Attention to the promptings of the Spirit will lead us in the path of God’s Kingdom.

The wisdom Paul preaches is the wisdom of seeing the world through the eyes of Jesus and letting that knowledge, that relationship we have with him, guide the way we live. When we focus our life on giving glory to God, connecting with God through our prayer and reflection, and discerning God’s way for us, then we grow in true wisdom.

“O Lord, you are good and forgiving, full of mercy to all who call to you.” (Psalm 86:5)

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  1. Beautiful detailed images of nature. Love these!


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