Food is a theme that comes up fairly regularly in the scriptures. In the Our Father we ask for our daily bread. Jesus fed the multitudes with bread and fish. He turned water to wine so the wedding celebration could go on. We have the story of the widow who gave what little food she had for her son and herself, trusting that God would provide for them, and God did.

There are times in our own life when we have been nourished by God, whether it is in the beauty of nature or the beauty of a relationship or a hard-won achievement or simply some good luck. We come to learn to trust God’s lavish goodness for the ingredients we need for our personal nourishment.

It’s important to look for those moments when we are nourished and be grateful. We look for those moments when we are able to nourish others in a consoling or helpful way, or when we experience consolation in prayer, or celebrate Eucharist, or when we celebrate a friendship. There are blessings in our life each day that call us to gratitude, if we open our eyes to God’s presence.

Everything is gift. Trust God’s lavish goodness to receive what you need. God does not disappoint. God continues to feed us and nourish us throughout our life.

“I am the living bread come down from heaven, says the Lord; whoever eats this bread will live forever.” (John 6:51)

2 thoughts on “Food

  1. Fr. Ron, As always, your photos are stunning and your eye keen. The pic of the bench and chairs under the covered roof was especially inviting, or enveloping. It seems to offer a haven, a respite. Kathy and I hope that you are having a wonderful summer.


    1. It’s been a wonderful time so far. I hope you are enjoying the pleasures of a downeast summer.


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