During the three days of the Triduum, from Holy Thursday to Holy Saturday, we are being invited to focus on Jesus and to walk with him during the last hours of his life on earth. If you’ve ever accompanied someone during their last hours of life, you know how difficult that is, but how important—both for you and for the individual.

On Good Friday we are invited to accompany Jesus as he is betrayed, tried, and executed; to walk with our Lord during his painful last day—simply to be fully present to him in the quiet way love allows us to be. No words are necessary. Our loving presence is enough.

On Holy Thursday the question is whether we will allow our feet to be washed. On Good Friday the question is are we willing to walk with Jesus as he carries his cross?

We know that the story of Jesus leads to the resurrection. That does not make Good Friday any easier—for Jesus or for us. Suffering is always difficult, even if we know that Christ has triumphed over sin and death. “Consummatum est.” It is finished. As darkness descends, we wait in quiet expectation for all that is to come.

“May abundant blessing, O Lord, we pray, descend upon your people, who have honored the Death of your Son in the hope of their resurrection: may pardon come, comfort be given, holy faith increase, and everlasting redemption be made secure. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.” (from the Good Friday liturgy)

3 thoughts on “Triduum

  1. Beautiful and heartfelt as always. Could you please pray for our family? We are facing extremely difficult times and needs God’s presence more than ever!


    1. I will remember you and your family in prayer. As you walk with Jesus in his crucifixion, may you also experience the new life of Easter!

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  2. Another great set of photos, Fr. Ron. My botany is a bit rusty. I can’t recall whether those growths on the tree trunks are in a symbiotic or parasitic relationship with the host trees. Either way they make for interesting, textured photos. Thanks for sharing.

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