New beginnings

Fall is a time for us to start anew. Trees have shed their leaves. Nature is letting go of the past year’s green. School children board their busses, as we move into the new academic year. There is a freshness and a crispness to the air, and we start to bundle up and huddle around our fire pits and campfires, as the season of fall deepens over the landscape.

The Church is also heading toward a new year. This Sunday we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King, with the beginning of Advent soon to follow. Apocalyptic readings of death and destruction in our liturgy these recent weeks are replaced, or perhaps complemented, by the prophetic announcement of the coming birth of the savior.

Our hope is that our planet is also heading toward a renewal of the environment. Apocalyptic predictions of the end of the world as we know it, which would have seemed fanciful ten or twenty years ago, now seem within the realm of possibility. The gathering of nations that took place in Glasgow recently to address the issues of climate change gives us hope that positive change is possible and likely, if the countries honor their commitment.

In my photography at this time of year I try to capture the color and freshness of the season. As I do so, I am aware the the landscape could look quite different several decades from now, if we don’t take sufficient action to protect this earth we have been given to live on.

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” (Psalm 19:1)

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