When the pandemic hit, many of us experienced an isolation unlike anything we had previously experienced. Cancelling of activities and travel, masks and social distancing, avoiding large groups, working remotely, connecting through computer screens–these became our new normal, although it didn’t feel normal.

Perhaps our experience of the pandemic can give us some small insight into the plight of those who have lost their homes and homeland because of violence or war or climate change. Being cut off from family and friends, from sources of income, from places of worship, takes a toll on the psyche.

I think one of the things that can happen when we experience a prolonged period of trial and difficulties of any sort is that we come to appreciate more, or perhaps for the first time, our blessings–those people, things, and situations that give joy and meaning to our life.

Jesus said that the cross will come into our life in one way or another, but that he has conquered the cross. Resurrection, new life, always follows for those who walk with Jesus. His Resurrection shows us that. As we reflect on our experience of the pandemic, what are the things you have been grateful for over the past two years? In what ways have you been blessed? It might be worthwhile to think about that and talk about that with someone you are grateful for.

“The Lord has done great things for us; we are filled with joy” (Psalm 126:3)

4 thoughts on “Isolation

  1. Fr. Ron, your photos allow is to appreciate the small wonders, and that level of appreciation is so necessary in these times. (I just read an article about the PTSD that survivors of climate change disasters are experiencing.)


    1. Thanks, Lynn. Gratitude changes the way we look at everything. Be well.


  2. Very beautiful father! What a treat it is to have your podcast every week! We are in Germany now, leaving on the ship in a week from Marseille back in the states of December 3. We hope you are well and happy! Also hope you Will come see us someday soon! Peace, Pat Manfred


    1. Thanks, Pat. Things are going well here. I hope you both have a great time in Germany and elsewhere. I have fond memories of visiting you in Frankfurt and driving your green Mercedes many years ago!


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