The scriptures speak of the glory of God reflected in creation, and how the glory reflected in the face of Moses is surpassed by the glory of the ministry of the Spirit. What is our experience of glory, and how do we respond?

What readily comes to mind is our experience of the glory of creation, for example, in the expansive views from a mountain top, or in the beautiful colors of a glorious sunrise or sunset, the intricate beauty of a rose blossom, or the glory of holding one’s newborn child, or reuniting with long-lost family or friends, or a deeply felt sense of God’s presence in the Eucharist or in prayer.

No matter how hard we might have worked and sacrificed to have that experience of glory, when it happens, it comes across as something simply to be enjoyed and gratefully savored as pure gift, as is every experience of God’s Spirit.

In my photography I try to catch that sense of glory. Most often it is in nature that I feel a connection with something greater than me, something which is pure gift and is given to be enjoyed and celebrated. In recent days I have been by the ocean, a place where I especially feel the power and glory of God. Where and how do you experience the glory of God’s Spirit? It is there for us to behold.

“Extol the Lord, our God, and worship at his footstool; holy is he!” (Psalm 99:5)

2 thoughts on “Glory

  1. Amen. And these photos are beautiful/ly captured glories! Without getting to His ocean tabernacle whenever I think I must, I would be a lesser person, not to even mention disciple.


    1. Thank you for sharing that. The ocean reflects so much of the divine Spirit and can rejuvenate us.

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