Where your treasure is

I’ve been preparing to transition to a new ministry this summer, and the process of deciding what to take with me has caused me to reflect on Jesus’ teaching to store up treasures in heaven. Interior treasures of relationships will accompany me, no matter where I go. Physical items I no longer need or use I try to find a good home for.

Possessions that I value and will take with me include several lithographs (I enjoy art.), genealogy materials (I come from Acadian ancestry.), some jazz CDs, and my photography. I find that much of what I am taking with me, aside from necessities, connects me with the creative spirit of God. That’s where my heart is.

In my photography I am able to engage this creative spirit, and I am drawn to scenes I find in some way to be life-giving, that appeal to my heart. These tend to be scenes of nature, which is where I often connect with God, but I am also attracted to macro photography, where minute details of objects can be fascinating, and to black and white photography, where emphasis is on light and darkness, patterns, shape, and form.

You might not be moving soon, but it could be a profitable exercise to take a look at your possessions, where your heart is, and experience the gratitude that comes from acknowledging your blessings. I invite you to reflect this week on what nourishes you, what gives you life, and to give thanks.

“Where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.” (Matthew 6:21)

2 thoughts on “Where your treasure is

  1. Good luck with your new ministry, Fr. Perry. Looking forward to see new photographs from your new locale. AMDG


    1. Thank you. I appreciate the good wishes. Blessings on you as well.


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