When Jesus asks the two disciples of John the Baptist who are following him, “What are you looking for?”, they probably didn’t really know. In fact, they evaded answering his question by asking him, “Where are you staying?” They had heard about the one who was to come after John and were curious to know more.

What would be our response, if Jesus were to ask us, “What are you looking for?” Like the disciples, we might not have a specific answer, but we might feel drawn to explore this question. If we sit with Jesus and his question for a while in silence and reflection, we will probably experience an awareness that we want something, even if it’s not well-defined. We know there is a yearning and a desiring that draws us forth from a self-centered existence to one that is more outward-facing and inclusive.

Jesus says to the disciples and to us, “Come and see.” This is an invitation to enter into a relationship with Jesus. We can imagine that the lives of those two disciples were never the same after accepting Jesus’ invitation. This scripture passage invites us to consider three questions. Are we looking for Jesus? Are we ready for him? Are we willing for our life never to be the same again?

One way I experience this invitation of Jesus to come and see is through the lens of my camera, which allows me to be receptive to the beauty of creation around me and has resulted in a deeper concern for ecological justice and the protecting of our environment. What is Jesus inviting you to at this moment of your life?

“As [John] watched Jesus walk by, he said, “Behold, the Lamb of God.”…They went and…stayed with him that day.” (John 1:36,39)

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