In recent days I have been drawn to photographing city scenes, mainly architectural, as opposed to my usual preference for nature scenes. There’s something about the solidity, the form, design, and order that appeals to me these days.

Perhaps I’m tiring of the uncertain nature of planning and events in our current time. (I know I am!) Will the schools be in session next month? We’ll see. Will the state and country be put into a tightened lockdown as the coronavirus surges? We’ll see. Will the vaccine be available soon? We’ll see. Flexibility requires a letting go of the need for strict schedules and desired outcomes.

As the scriptures tell us, it’s not wise to build upon shifting sands. Instead we should build upon rock. What is the rock we build our life upon? The restrictions of the pandemic have given us the time and opportunity to reflect on this question, the opportunity to reflect on which people are key for us and which activities are life-giving, and which are not. We have been given more time to reflect on the loving presence of God in our life and on the many ways we have been blessed.

We don’t know what this new year will bring, but if we build our house on the solid rock of significant others, charitable living, and a deep sense of God’s presence in our life, then we will enter into this year prepared to thrive and grow and to spread the good news of this Christmas season, that the Christ has entered into the world to share fully in all we go through and to show us the way to eternal life.

“God sent his only begotten son into the world, so that we might have life through him.” (I John 4:9)

2 thoughts on “Structure

  1. Thanks, Fr. Ron, for another beautiful collection of photos, although it is rather haunting to see all of these urban settings sans people.

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    1. Yes. There aren’t many people out and about these days.

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