The awareness that God is working in us helps us become aware that God is the source of our fruitfulness. Salvation is not something we accomplish. Rather it is something we are given.


If we rely solely on our own efforts, we are ultimately doomed to failure. We are all called to walk with the Spirit of God. In fact, we are yoked with Jesus, as he invites us to take his yoke upon ourselves and to trust in his loving presence and guidance in our journey through life.


Being yoked with Jesus comes with a discipline, a focus, a purpose, and companionship, as we live out this vocation. It requires an openness to receive all that comes from the hand of God–a stance of reverence, mindfulness, and receptivity.


In these days of social distancing and more quiet time, my photography has helped me to approach the world with a receptive stance, open to what is presented to me, open to perceiving the inherent beauty of this world. Do you have a practice which allows you to open up your own heart and soul to the presence and movement of Christ in the world?


“O Lord, you mete out peace to us, for it is you who have accomplished all we have done.” (Isaiah 26:12)


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