The Baptist

John the Baptist is a key figure in our celebration of the Advent season. His call is to wake up, to be ready to receive the greater one who is coming into our world. Although John no longer walks the earth, there are people and situations that can play that role in our life–that give us the message, “Wake up! The Spirit of God is trying to do something new in you.”


We can get that message through personal relationships, through life experiences, such as disappointments, illness, and times of change, through our reflection on the Scriptures, and even the process of getting older can give us a wakeup call.


Advent is a time for us to reflect: What wakeup call is God giving me? How do I respond in a way that is fruitful in my life and for the others in my life?


Advent takes place during a time of growing darkness. The message of the Baptist calls us to confront our own inner darkness and to be ready to receive the light of Christ, which is upon us.


“Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.” (Mark 1:3)



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