Spring, cont.

Spring continues to show up in our neck of the woods. Cool, wet weather has delayed the blooming of many plants, but now many spring-bloomers are showing their beauty, and trees are beginning to leaf out. May is the month when nature takes on great shape and color. May is a time to be outside and take in the transformation happening in front of us.


I’d like to share with you a poem on May by the American poet, Mary Oliver, who has written extensively on her connection with nature. In a way, the poem is a prayer.




May, and among the miles of leafing,

blossoms storm out of the darkness–

windflowers and moccasin flowers. The bees

dive into them and I too, to gather

their spiritual honey. Mute and meek, yet theirs

is the deepest certainty that this existence too–

this sense of well-being, the flourishing

of the physical body–rides

near the hub of the miracle that is everything

is a part of, is as good

as a poem or a prayer, can also make

luminous any dark place on earth.



May spring be a time of opening ourselves to self-renewal, as we witness the rebirth of the earth around us.



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