In pursuit of art

Recently I spent some time at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston photographing some of the works of art there.


What is it that attracts people to a painting or a sculpture or a photograph? I suppose it’s the same thing that draws people to a good movie or to view a gorgeous sunset or to travel to foreign places, or to visit the Grand Canyon. We are drawn to things that speak to us of beauty.


It’s attention to beauty that draws me to photograph the world around me. If we believe that God is supreme beauty, which I do believe, then all natural beauty points us to God. This is one aspect of finding God in all things.


The created world is God’s way of attracting us to the divinity. When we view the world as God’s creation and gift to us, a way of God’s self-manifestation to us, then we see the importance of caring for the creation that has been entrusted to us, a creation that encompasses all humanity and the earth itself.


The Christian call to discipleship is a call to seek to serve God in the people who come into our life and into our awareness and in caring for our earthly home.


“Remember that I am with you always, until the end of time.” (Matthew 27:20)


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