We live in a world of complexities–complexity of relationships, complexity of tasks we need to accomplish, complexity of scheduling everything we want or need to do, complexity of meaning, complexity of expectations, complexity of individuals, etc.


Understanding this complexity is a help in successfully navigating our way through life. Appreciating the many aspects of an individual or a situation helps us relate in a positive way with each other. Appreciation of our differences leads to a greater acceptance of each other and a more peaceful atmosphere in which to live. Understanding another’s point of view is a good starting point when we need to challenge someone’s thinking or behavior.


Photography helps me to look at and appreciate the complexity of things, to see how different elements of a scene or an object form a coherent whole, to being open to discovering more about my subject through attention and examination, and to express my interpretation of that scene through a photographic image.


In photographing a rose, I become aware of the different aspects of that flower: its complexity, the form itself, the color, the scent, the degree of development, from bud to fully open flower, the color of the leaves and thorns, any insects that might be present, the overall impression of the plant as it matures from year to year.


Striving to notice and to understand complexity in the botanical world and in the world of humans helps me to marvel at the way life expresses itself in all the wonderful complexity and variety of our existence and to give thanks to the Creator of it all.


“How great are your works, O Lord!” (Psalm 92:5)


1 thought on “Complexity

  1. I am not a photographer but at the present time am a student of the universe. Not only is it complex but thinking seriously about our unfinished cosmos requires new thoughts about everything, about who we are, where we are going, about the meaning of our lives and our old ways of seeing and believing.


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