There are times when the practice of photography causes me to observe my surroundings differently. It might be that I’m using a lens that I don’t often use. It might be that I’m challenging myself to do a photo walk using only a wide-angle lens, for example. Or I might try a particular technique, e.g., long exposure to express a sense of motion. The challenge is to use the perspective provided by the particular lens to interpret the scene in front of me and to produce a pleasing image.


In terms of our Christian faith, we see our life and our world through the lens of Jesus and his way of looking at the world. His teachings give us a perspective with which to judge and to act and to grow.


There are various lenses that our faith provides us through which to view the world. One of these is the teaching that Pope Francis is doing in his letters to the Church. His latest on the “Call to Holiness” is such a lens. It’s a very  practical look at what it means to be holy in today’s world, and I think it’s well worth reading. Here is a link to the letter: Call to Holiness.


In this letter the Pope calls us, among other things, to be open to God’s plan for us, to take quiet time regularly, to see the face of God reflected in others, and to be attentive to the little details of life, discerning where the spirit of God is leading and acting upon it. By taking this perspective, we follow our personal path to holiness.


(The images in this post were all from a recent photo walk using a 23mm lens.)

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you” (Jer 1:5).

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